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Bespoke wooden balcony floors

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BalconEasy, the simple and unique solution to renovate and re-lay the floor of your balcony.

Your outdoor space, just like your indoor space, makes up the rhythm of your life, your mood, your comfort and your well-being. It is vital to optimize it to a maximum by rearranging it smartly and by making every cm2 count with taste, functionality and comfort.

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Wooden balcony with glass fence

Enjoy your brand new balcony

Do you have a balcony? But its floor is uneven, in a rough condition or, simply put, you do not like the way it looks. Discover balconEasy, the unique and custom-built flooring system made out of exotic wood.

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Easy and fast to set up

After the delivery, all you have to do is place the modules on your balcony and attach one to the other. In almost no time, your old balcony is transformed into a warm, comfortable, beautiful and easy to maintain outdoor living space. From now on, you can set up your balcony and enjoy it the way you like it.

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Why choose balconEasy?

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balconEasy delivers your balcony package customized to your model. Depending on the dimensions of your balcony, multiple modules with a maximum size of 80cm x 120cm are delivered to your doorstep.

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Complies with co-ownership rules

Since the balcony’s original structure and the appearance of the facade is not modified, the installation of your balconEasy floor is not restrained by any rules of a potential co-ownership.

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High-quality materials

The balconEasy wood has a 25-year warranty and is certified class 4 in France and class 1 in other countries, the best category in terms of longevity. The fixing of the floor from underneath the wood elements is invisible and guarantees a smooth and perfect finish.

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Easy and fast set-up

The balconEasy floor is very easy to set up, and it requires only 5 minutes and 3 screwdriver turns. No need to modify the structure, nor to have any established crafting knowledge or to own specific tools.

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An immediate result

The wood is laid in planks on top of battens (beams supporting the parquet) made out of exotic wood, allowing an optimal water drainage and fast drying. You can now walk barefoot on your balcony and furnish it according to your personal preferences.

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Balcony renovated with BalconEasy

The wood is alive and its tint evolves naturally

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