Balcony in Padauk wood

Padauk wood, lasting and alive

Padauk is a natural wood that has not undergone any treatment. Its tint, in between coral red and orange at the moment of delivery, changes to brown due to the sun’s UV effect very fast after it is placed on your balcony. Then, it evolves into an ash gray because of the oxidation effect of its fibers as it gets into contact with rainwater.

We recommend you to clean your balcony parquet at least once a year with soapy water, and by rinsing it thoroughly. In order to revive its brightness and diminish the ashy look of the Padauk parquet, you can maintain it optimally by using the Color Safe Rubio solution Color Safe Rubio and conserve the original tint of the wood. After every maintenance session, your balcony floor will find its original warm appearance back. Lastly, avoid any contact between metal and the wood to keep your floor clear from permanent marks due to the oxidation.

Aging of the wood

Aging of Padauk wood

An eco-responsible wood, sourced in "well-managed" forests

The wood we use for our balcony floors is sourced in "well-managed" forests all over the world and has received the label FSC®. To elaborate, this means the wood comes from production sites that consciously worry about their environmental impact and engage in the conservation of soil as well as biodiversity, but also the rights of workers and autochthone populations.

The wood has also been certified OLB or EUTR for African tree species, FSC® ou VLK for Indonesian woods and IBAMA (Brazilian wood office) for the Brazilians woods.

FSC Label
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Cleaning and maintenance of Padauk wood