The concept

The balconEasy concept

Underline the cozy and prestigious look of your home with the balcony flooring system balconEasy, as simple and fast to lay (and remove) as a carpet.

No need to modify the structure of your balcony, nor to have pre-existing crafting knowledge or specific tools for the setup. All you have to do is pick a model that corresponds to your balcony, then enter the precise measurements of your balcony into our configurator to determine the number of modules and the price, and finally, order.

Without any modifications on the original balcony, nor on the appearance of the facade, your balconEasy floor is not subject to any regulations of a potential co-ownership.

Balcony wthout renovation Balcony after BalconEasy renovation
Configure your balcony

Give your balcony a second life

The conception of our wooden balcony floors allows you to change the appearance of your balcony considerably, in a fast and simple way and without any tools, other than a simple screwdriver.

Local fabrication

The balconEasy floors are fabricated with care by qualified carpenters of the Vetedy group in Belgium, specialist in fabrication and distribution of garden and interior parquets made out of exotic wood.

Selection and treatment of the wood, drying, storage, factory work and mounting, … Every step of the fabrication guarantees long-lasting quality products.

The balconEasy modules

Votre parquet de balcon en bois exotique balconEasy est livré en modules prédécoupés à assembler. Le nombre de modules livrés dépend de la longueur en façade de votre balcon. Chaque module standard a une dimension maximale de 180 cm x 80 cm x 8 cm et pèse au maximum 18 kg, emballage compris. Un module de parquet est constitué de lattes de 145 mm de large sur 21 mm de haut et d'une longueur maximale de 180 cm.

The planks placed on top of battens (beams supporting the parquet) should be placed at a right angle to the wall. The battens are cut and drilled on their fixation spot, where a screw is pre-placed to facilitate the assembly. Silentblocks are also placed under the battens to deaden noise and counteract potential uneven spots in the floor.

Pre-joined modules

Silentblocks to deaden noise and compensate small flaws in the floor

Battens and BalconEasy modules fastening.

The modules are linked by the battens and attached to each other with 3 preplaced stainless steel screws

Battens and BalconEasy modules fastening.
2cm subtract on the balcony floor
2cm subtract on the balcony floor

A subtraction of 2 cm is deducted from your measures to facilitate the placing of the floors as well as to insure a small tolerance

Watch the set-up video

Get inspired

Examples of renovated balconies

Discover examples of refurbished balconies, find the style that inspires you and benefit from our range of accessories to turn your balcony into your new favorite piece!

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A self-evident choice compliant with co-ownership rules

Whether you are owner, tenant, craftsmen or architect, install your outdoor parquet balconEasy without constraints or recommend it to your clients: the original state of the balcony is not transformed and the appearance of the facade is not fundamentally altered.

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