6 tips to prepare your balcony for spring

After some gray months, the good weather is finally coming back. The times of staying inside and not being able to enjoy our outdoor spaces are finally over. It therefore is the right moment to start preparing your balcony in order to be able to enjoy it during summer. And to be able to do...

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Our tips to clean your balcony after winter

During winter, your entire attention is dedicated to the insides of your home. The outside, however, has suffered from rain, ice and wind, needless to say that the winter has left its marks on the balcony. This is why with the arrival of warmer days, it is time to start taking care of your...

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A kitchen garden on my balcony

Are you a fan of cooking? And would like to grow your own produce? Only by looking at magazine covers or scrolling through Pinterest, you will find that urban gardening is a real trend. With the arrival of environmental consciousness and the desire for hobbies and a healthy diet, gardening...

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Which flowers and plants should I choose for my balcony ?

Do you dream of transforming your balcony into a hanging garden? Nothing easier than this with this blogpost that will explain what plants will feel most comfortable on your balcony. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, no matter its size, it is very much possible to add greenery to ...

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My balcony, a shelter from unwanted looks

Living in an urban jungle, it is almost impossible not to have a neighbor in front of your balcony. This of course decreases the feeling of intimacy. Even if we like our neighbors, we would all like to have a corner out of other people’s sight, to read, sunbathe or share a drink with fri...

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Balcony floor: Why choose wood?

Of all balcony floor coverings, wood certainly is the most popular. More and more balcony owners decide to install wooden planks on their balcony. As it is beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting, wood offers many advantages, here are the most prominent ones. Wood harmonizes with every st...

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How to maintain a wooden balcony floor?

Wood is cherished for its durability, its lightness and its warm look both in our indoor and outdoor spaces. However, although its longevity, wood is a material that requires a minimum of maintenance. A wooden balcony is calming and trendy, but especially on the outside its fibers have to ...

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Decorate your balcony for Christmas

You do not need to have a garden or terrace to create a Christmas atmosphere in your outdoor space. Are you in the mood to decorate your balcony, but do not know where to start? Stop worrying! Here you will find ideas to create a festive garden! Dress your guardrails! Do not leave your gu...

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