About BalconEasy

Who we are?

BalconEasy is a simple idea that results from a lifestyle change and that came true thanks to the association of Adwire, e-commerce specialist, and Vetedy Group, specialist in wooden floors manufacture.

The idea of building bespoke wooden balcony floors occurred during the first lockdown in 2020. Pictures of people applauding healthcare professionals, their need to get some fresh air, to share their emotions with neighbors… All these things made people worship their balcony.

All of a sudden, these small outdoor spaces became more and more vital to people. The lockdown, remote working, suddenly became a symbol of deprivation of liberty.

The real estate business, consequently, has shown a strong trend: more than ever, people were looking for properties with balconies, terraces and gardens. But it was obvious that, even if property ads showcase more balconies, the latters were not displayed in their best light, careless, with damaged and raw floors.

This carelessness is often due to co-ownership regulations that strongly limit the way you can transform and refurbish balconies. But it is also the consequence of the price that would ask a tradesperson for such a small space: difficulty of access, lack of security, poor return… most of companies won’t even deign to respond.

Urban gardening is another trend we have taken into account. It gives a new purpose to balconies and enable them to fit with the healthy lifestyle of a growing amount of people.

All these assessments led us the idea of creating a revolutionary balcony floor: tailor-made, comfortable, aesthetic, easy to install and for an affordable price.

As specialists of ecommerce, Adwire had to find a trustworthy manufacturer to partner with to make the idea come true. Quite naturally, we turned to our client Vetedy Group, company specialized in the manufacture of outdoor solid parquet floors.

After a discussion with its founder, seduced by the concept, we got closer and the idea came to life.

Together, we have developed various balcony floor prototypes. The results being more than conclusive, we developed the website and the brand BalconEasy so as anyone can easily configure and order a bespoke wooden balcony floor.

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