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Frequently asked questions

Where are the balcony parquets built?

The balconEasy floors are manufactured by Vetedy Group’s qualified woodworkers in Belgium. Vetedy specializes in the fabrication and distribution of garden parquets and interior parquets made of exotic wood. The balconEasy wood has a 25-year warranty and is certified class 4 in France and class 1 in the other countries, the best category in terms of longevity. The fixing of the floor from underneath the wood elements is invisible and guarantees a smooth and perfect finish. Every production step is undertaken by qualified carpenters which guarantees a high-quality and long-lasting product.

Faut-il prévoir des découpes sur le sol de balcon ?

Si votre balcon doit subir des découpes pour un ou plusieurs seuils de porte, vous pouvez l'indiquer sur le configurateur pour que nous fassions les découpes pour vous.

Les sols de balcon sont-ils facilement démontables ?

Le montage de nos parquets de balcon se fait en assemblant les différents modules qui le composent. Aucune fixation sur le balcon n'est nécessaire. Nos sols peuvent donc être démontés en quelques tours de vis, sans laisser de trace.

Why subtract 2 cm from the measures?

The measures you will take to dimension your balcony are taken meticulously. A subtraction of 2 cm allows for a tolerance that will facilitate the set-up and adjustment without restraints.

Why does a module measure 180 cm x 80 cm maximum?

The modules of your balcony floor are constrained by delivery standards. For logistical reasons, the dimensions and weight are standardized. Additionally, the dimensions and the weight are limited to facilitate a perfect placement.

Why does the delivery take 3 to 4 weeks?

The shipping time also includes the production time your tailored balcony floor requires. This timeframe depends on the production’s planning. You will be notified of your order’s expedition and expected date of delivery via e-mail as soon as the carrier has received your package.

When will the deliverer come by?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to indicate a precise timeslot because the time the deliverer passes your zone depends directly on the designated route of the deliverer.
You could know an approximate time of delivery by contacting the carrier in charge of the delivery of your package.

What to do if my package is damaged?

It is important to always check the state of the product at the moment of delivery. If there are any visible damages, it is necessary to express it directly when signing the delivery note. If this is not done, no complaints can be accepted.

Take as many pictures of your parcels as possible, also photograph the inside packaging (protective materials etc.) as well as other damages. The sending label of the transportation company has to be clearly identifiable on the photographs.
The used packaging has to be kept for a potential inspection by the carrier.

Que faire si la forme de mon balcon n'est pas prise en compte dans le configurateur ?

Si la forme de votre balcon n'est pas prise en compte par notre configurateur, vous pouvez nous écrire en nous précisant la forme, les dimensions et les particularités de votre balcon afin que nous étudions la faisabilité de votre projet. Pour cela, vous pouvez nous contacter à cette adresse email.

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