How to enjoy your balcony in winter?

Same procedure as every year: when September comes, we slowly start bringing back coats, closing the windows at night, turning the heating up… The summer evenings spent on your balcony, when the sun was still shining at 10 PM, seem far away already. Nevertheless, the arrival of the colder season is not necessarily synonymous to being stuck inside because even if the sun is tired, there are many possibilities to enjoy your balcony.

A cocooning space sheltered from the cold

To keep on enjoying movies under the stars or to chill in the fresh air after a long working day, you can set up a cocooning corner especially for the winter.

First of all, try to protect your balcony from the cold and rain or even snow. You can use decorative screens if your balcony is fairly exposed. If it has quite high walls, it probably is protected well enough already.

If you do not have benches or stools and you prefer sitting on the floor, we recommend adding one or even two carpets and a few blankets so that you will not sit on the cold floor.

Do not hesitate using too many blankets and cushions, as this will only reinforce the cocooning feeling and simultaneously protect you from the cold, it might even remind you of your old tree house you built as a child.

As it gets even colder and your blanket mountain will no longer be enough, you can use hot-water bottles or oil lamps that will give some warmth to your cocoon. Do not succumb to electronic heaters as they have an enormous energy consumption and heat loss.

To have some warmth on your feet when watching a movie, a trick would be to place your laptop’s charger underneath the blanket.

Keep your feed warm and dry, even in winter

If you want to keep enjoying your morning coffee, aperitif or cigarette pause on your balcony, there are multiple tricks to feel cozy in winter.

First, add some lights or lanterns to increase a warm sensation because the mornings and evenings will become darker and colder with every new day.

Also, remember to add cushions to your chairs, especially if they are made from metal so you no longer have to be in touch with the cold.

Moreover, rain could also become a problem as your floor risks staying wet permanently, next to being cold already, so forget walking barefoot on your balcony for a little while.

To continue using the balcony without having to think about the water not being draining, install a wooden floor that is elevated on planks, which will let the water drain and it will dry fast.

BalconEasy balcony floors are as easy to lay as a carpet. The battens control for water drainage underneath and guarantee a dry floor.

The balconEasy floors are custom-built and will adapt perfectly to the form and dimensions of your balcony. Exotic wood, which is soft to touch, will leave you with a summer feeling!

What to do with green plants?

Turning to the big question that is repeated every year: What to do with the green plants outside?

Generally speaking, the rule is simple: as soon as it freezes at night (temperatures below 3-4°C), it is time to move your pots inside!

However, some plants survive the freezing cold temperatures and you can leave them outside until spring’s arrival. If you want to keep your balcony decorated and cozy during winter: these are the plants you can use:

  • Yukka (this one should not be left in the rain)
  • Palmetto
  • Heather
  • Ivy and other climbing plants

If you want to keep some flowers on your balcony in winter, choose these:

  • Chrysanthemum
  • Narcissus
  • Jacinth
  • Jasmin
  • Ilex (also named Holly, and the perfect Christmas decoration!)

Your outside space is precious and fresh air is vital, there is no reason left not to enjoy your balcony in the winter!

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