A summer kitchen for my balcony

Is there anything nicer than an outdoor kitchen that offers a nice view? First of all, it is very practical as you will not need to go back and forth between your apartment kitchen and the balcony. Simply put, it makes a lunch or dinner on the balcony much easier. On your balcony, you are allowed to set up a barbecue or a grilling plancha. It is also practical to have a water access close by so you can install an improvised sink with a bucket and a hosepipe.

There are multiple types of furniture that you can remove and put together according to your liking, taste, and season. In general, there are three types of outside kitchen furniture: a water point, a cooking module and a preparation and/or snacking corner. As these elements are separated one from the other, they can be assembled in many different configurations. The working and preparation corner can also be used for snacking or you could install a bar where you can place some stools underneath. You could also set up an area underneath your preparation area or sink to leave dirty dishes. If you prefer to give it a personalized touch, why not keep your cutlery in cans or use a bucket, a wheelbarrow or flower pots filled with ice to keep your drinks nice and cool.

Thanks to outdoor kitchens, the hosts no longer need to spend their time alone inside whilst the others are having fun outside, they can all together enjoy the good weather and prepare the meal together.

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