My balcony, a shelter from unwanted looks

Living in an urban jungle, it is almost impossible not to have a neighbor in front of your balcony. This of course decreases the feeling of intimacy. Even if we like our neighbors, we would all like to have a corner out of other people’s sight, to read, sunbathe or share a drink with friends. The goal therefore is: “to hide without hiding the view”. Now, let’s discover some solutions that create that feeling of intimacy.

A net curtain is a nice possibility to decrease indiscrete looks. You can attach curtains onto your guardrails which are easily removable again when winter arrives. It is best to choose a material that resists different weather conditions.

Another possibility are reed screenings. They are easy to install along the guardrails, however they need to be well-fixed to resist the wind. Such screenings also evoke a sense of beach feeling, nice right? If you opt for bamboo or osier screenings, you need to change them every year. Heather for example, is a more long-lasting material.

Another idea would be to fix trellis onto the railings of your balcony and let climbing plants mask the view.

If you like the combination of wood and plants, why not create a gardening panel?

You could also install a wooden panel onto the railings of your balcony or one of the sides. They will add a warm sensation to your balcony and preserve your intimacy.

The next solution we have to offer is a frosted glass wall. It is an aesthetic and modern alternative for your balcony. It allows the light to shine through without seeing your neighbor. You could add potted plants to give a green touch to this corner.

Next, an alternative that is not used as much but that is just as effective is a decorative curtain. The advantage here is that they can be moved or taken away at any time, and it is possible to use them for different reasons and in different areas of your balcony.

Lastly, a vertical, rolled blind is ideal if you want to have a more permanent solution whilst keeping the possibility to open up your balcony. Once it is installed to your wall, you can unroll it whenever you want. Too much sun? Too many curious neighbors? Roll down the blinds and done.

Now, you only need to choose the best solution for your balcony.

Do not forget to check the collective ownership rules of the building you are living in. Not every solution mentioned in this article will necessarily be allowed according to the rules of your co-property or municipal administration.

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