How to organize your balcony best?

With the beautiful days arriving, it is time to rethink the presentation of your balcony. How to organize a small and lengthy balcony? To maximize the space and create a welcoming and comfortable corner, you need to think functionality above all.

A balcony that is thought-through and adapted to the dimensions of your balcony will allow you to enjoy it profoundly. Above all, you should not overcrowd it, you should be able to put one foot in front of the other and move around normally. It is best to use multifunctional or foldable furniture as they are adaptable to different situations and offer many possibilities. You could also have high tables to eat standing and create a bar atmosphere. Corner units and benches or tables with storage are ideal too.

And then, some people would want to add some greens to their balcony. Pay attention that your furniture and greenery will fit to each other and invest into height. Maybe you can have a vertical garden, leaving enough space for the sun to shine through whilst also providing a little bit of shadow. Most importantly, try to find alternatives that use up as little space on your floor as possible. This can also be done by suspending plants and hanging them up on the guardrails of your balcony. On top, hanging up strawberries for example will keep snails from snacking on them.

Balcon aménagé à l'aide de pallettesPallets are perfect to create practical and resistant furniture

For those with a limited budget, pallets are perfect to craft your own furniture or flower corner. Like so you have reused old items, paying little or nothing and the only small investment you will have to make are cushions to sit more comfortably.

For those with a larger budget, consider buying custom-built or built-in furniture.

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