My balcony, an ignored terrace

Since the Covid-19 crisis and the first phase of lockdown, especially people living in cities have discovered the benefits of a balcony. With limited travelling, home office, and not being able to go outside, most of the people living in apartments have lived in great frustration. Many people have also used their balconies to express their solidarity and support to medical staff. These people have discovered, that their balcony, that was ignored up until then, is in fact a place of reunion, to meet people and exchange with your neighbors and mostly, it is an access to freedom.

Subsequently, apartments with balconies are in high demand and the people that already have a balcony discovered how much their balcony had suffered through all those years where no one has maintained them. There are only a few solutions, however, to renovate them easily and with a small budget. Today, your balcony can become the terrace of your apartment, the extension of your lifestyle and of your living space that adds an outside dimension that you can style according to your liking.

These are all reasons why we created balconEasy, a system of planks made from exotic wood, that is customizable to all shapes of balconies and that gives it a prestigious and cozy look, enhancing your apartment.

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