Run-down, rough, without style: how to renovate my balcony?

The floor of your balcony is made of raw concrete, that is very much run-down. Better, it is weirdly colored or covered in visibly used tiles. The water does not drain anymore. Nothing left to do, you cannot renovate it.

Yes, in most cases you will need the agreement of the owner, who needs to have the agreement by the co-ownership, which prohibits any kind of modifications of the balcony’s original state. You cannot attach anything that stays, alter the original state of the balcony whether its floor is made of raw concrete or tiles. The only thing left is to lay out a synthetic lawn that gets dirty quickly or wooden duckboards with standardized dimensions that are difficult to place and adjust.

Caillebotis bancals sur un balconPractical and budget-friendly, duckboards can quickly become the source of an ankle sprain!

You need to cut them into the right dimension and eventually fix them onto battens. You will need tools, you do not own yet… Maybe you will even have to call a professional to pose the planks who will charge you not too little, or maybe even a lot because of the small space on your balcony or the materials that have to be placed. Very dark perspectives, same as for your balcony…

Do not give up, your balcony deserves a wooden, custom-built floor that will let it shine in new colors. The balconEasy solution was created to renovate your balcony fast, easy and without excessive fees. The exotic wood that is well-known for being rot-proof guarantees a long-lasting renovation. Pleasant to touch, practical because it evacuates water, dries fast and is easy to maintain, the balconEasy floors are the perfect solution for your balcony.

Balcon rénové avec un sol de balcon BalconEasyThe balconEasy floors are cut to fit and do not require any transformations on the original state of the balcony.

As easy to lay as a carpet, the parquet is composed of multiple modules depending on the dimension of your balcony and wooden planks. It is laid onto battens equipped with silentblocks to deaden the noise and compensate for uneven spots in your floor. The balcony floor is delivered directly to your doorstep according to the dimension you defined.

You will only need to lay and assemble the modules in 3 easy screwdriver turns, taking less than 5 minutes. Now you will only have to furnish it according to your style and enjoy. Your space will become larger and find a new stylish dimension.

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