Balcony floor: Why choose wood?

Of all balcony floor coverings, wood certainly is the most popular. More and more balcony owners decide to install wooden planks on their balcony. As it is beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting, wood offers many advantages, here are the most prominent ones.

Wood harmonizes with every style

No matter what style your apartment or building has, wood will fit into every type of infrastructure. Whether you prefer a classic, modern or rural look, wood will fit your outside space perfectly.

Wood looks simultaneously aesthetic, natural, and warm

A floor made of natural materials like wood brings an aesthetic side as well as a warm side to your balcony. The material is well-known for its premium appearance for your home.

You can choose the kind of wood that fits your preferences best

There are 4 large categories of different kinds of woods:

  1. Classic wood, with the most popular kind being pine
  2. Exotic wood like ipe, Padauk or teak
  3. Thermo-heated wood like ash or poplar, is a particular kind of wood that can be placed as floors after having received a high-temperature treatment
  4. Composite wood is a thermoplastic composite material that is composed of wood fibers and plastic resins

Wood is a comfortable material

A wooden plank also has advantages when it comes to comfortableness: it holds heat and it will be more pleasant to walk on barefoot than on concrete or tiles. Furthermore, wood is also a great acoustic isolator as it absorbs noise through its low density.

It is an eco-friendly and long-lasting material

Of all floor coverings, wood is without a doubt the most durable material for your flooring. In fact, it has a longer lifetime than any other classic covering if, understandably, you treat it regularly and prolong its lifetime like that.

Why eco-friendly? Woos is a renewable, biodegradable resource without carbon, therefore it requires less energy than other construction materials. On top, its excellent durability limits the number of felled trees every year.

Water evacuation on your balcony and drying time

If you do not have a concrete slab, water from rain or cleaning will drain through the capillarity of the ground. No need to create a slope, as the water passes through the planks of the wood.

Wood can be used on all balconies no matter their configuration

Not all balconies have the same form or dimensions. There are multiple different configurations: round, squared, rectangular, lengthy, or they might follow the building around a corner. For all of them, wood will provide the material that is perfectly adaptable to the structure of your balcony.

Only good reasons to have a wooden balcony floor… Now, you only need to configure yours!

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