Decorate your balcony in boho-chic

Boho, standing for bohemian is a very popular decorating style which is inspired by the gypsy culture that was known for moving from one place to the other, carrying their possessions with them. This is why the style serves a nomadic and unconventional vibe as well as the feeling of freedom to mix everything you have found left and right.

Décoration Boho-chicLight and pastel colors, boho chic is both retro and sophisticated.

This style combines handmade items inspired by tradition, nature and travelling, furthermore, being recognizable through its colors. The chic in boho-chic adds a particular sophisticated and refined sense through natural tints of beige and white.

Boho-chic is characterized mostly through natural materials like rattan or osier whilst mixing wood with linen cloth, leather, old and new objects. An important element of the style is “kilim”, the carpets. Also, large sitting cushions, hammocks, or baskets to store blankets or put plants or flowers in them, fit the style nicely. You can also hang up macramé art or attach lights or small pennants to the wall. Lanterns are also a great idea, to give your balcony a sense of Moroccan bazar and the colors will complement each other. The more colorful it is, the better!

What is there to conclude now? The boho-style reminds of travelling the world, the mixing of colors, of motives, furniture styles and much more give it a sense of unexpectedness.

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