Which flowers and plants should I choose for my balcony ?

Do you dream of transforming your balcony into a hanging garden? Nothing easier than this with this blogpost that will explain what plants will feel most comfortable on your balcony. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, no matter its size, it is very much possible to add greenery to it. Here, you will find different kinds of plants to render your balcony greener and let it flourish according to its characteristics and your personal preferences.

Before thinking about plants for your balcony, think about its exposure first, as the choice of plants will differ if you are exposed to the north or to the south.

If your balcony is exposed to the south, choose plants that like the sun (sun pictogram on the plant’s label).

On the other hand, if your balcony is exposed to the North, choose plants that like the shadow. You can also try to pot plants that like semi-shadow characteristics and they will grow, eventually. Furthermore, the climate of your region has determining effects as well.

Green plants

If your balcony is completely exposed to the south, many plants will grow on your balcony: roses, climbing plants, (flowered) shrubs, perennial plants, or even greasy plants.

Perennial plants are those that best survive summer. In the sun, plant daisies, lupins, agapanthus, or gauras.

For a northern exposure, boxwood is the perfect shrub to decorate your balcony. You can also opt for a Hosta that does not need permanent sunshine to grow.

Greasy plants are perfect for people who are not talented in maintaining their plants for a long time. The advantage here is that they do not need to be replanted every year.

Femme allongée sur un balcon avec plantes. Photo


With the start of spring, flower bulbs are very popular to flourish your balcony. You can choose from a large variety of bulbs; Crocuses, tulips, narcissus, anemones or jacinth’s are the most popular.

If your balcony is oriented to the south and you live in a region with warm summers, opt for Mediterranean plants, like lavender, sage, rosemary, climbing bougainvillea, sedums, or the like.

For balconies oriented to the north, hortensias are certainly the flower that is planted the most. If you prefer more vibrant colors, choose pink or red busy lizzies, fuchsias, campanulas, browallias, begonia, or heather plants.

Flowers that are growing in between north and south, so in the east and west, are rhododendrons, azaleas, Mexican orange trees and deutzias. From the climbing plants, choose honeysuckles, no plant is better to have on a half-shadowed balcony!

Différents types de fleurs sur un balcon. Photo.

It is up to you, if you want a completely green balcony, without any color or a completely colored one, or go with a mix, and have the best of both worlds. You can choose the plants and flowers that you prefer according to the exposure of your balcony.

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