6 ideas for new floor coverings on your balcony

Do you want to transform your balcony into a cozy and pleasant space? But the floor is uneven or you just don’t like it? Even if you have worked on your decoration, your balcony will never be fully done if its floor stays rough. And yet, there are so many ways to change the floor coverings on your balcony, without necessarily having to engage in complicated work.

Balcony floor from duckboards

Duckboards are very easy to lay and give your floors a warmer look. There are different systems, you can clip them together or interlock them. Furthermore, they exist in numerous materials and colors: light wood, dark wood, composite, plastic, etc.

Depending on the dimensions of your balcony, you will need to cut some of the tiles in order to fill up the entire space. It is important to note that the duckboards will age differently depending on the material you have chosen.

Balcon avec sol en caillebotis
Duckboards are easily clipped together, however, their stability is unpredictable

Synthetic lawn on your balcony

To achieve a more natural look in almost no time, synthetic lawn is the perfect option for your balcony floor. With the price varying between 5€ and 50€ per square meter, the quality varies largely too. We would recommend buying thicker ones for enhanced comfort and adequate absorption, so that your lawn does not turn into a wet sponge with every drop that falls. Also, choose anti-UV materials so that the lawn does not loose its color.

The maintenance of synthetic lawn is fairly easy, most often vacuum cleaning is enough to keep it clean.

Sol de balcon en gazon synthétique
Synthetic lawn completely changes the look of your balcony with only a small budget

Floor rugs, easy and effective

Another easy solution for your balcony floor coverings would be an outdoor rug. These are made of synthetic fibers and they are capable of resisting all weather conditions, plus they are easy to maintain. It is up to you now to find a motive and size that fits your balcony.

Small tip: although the rug dries fast, remember to hang it up when it rains.

Tapis de sol pour balcon
A rug is the most budget-friendly option

Tiles as balcony flooring cover

Tiles are choc- and water-resistant and most of all, very easy to clean, which is why they are among the easiest options to choose for your balcony floor. You can choose from numerous materials and colors which makes them easily adaptable to your apartment’s style.

However, it is not the cheapest option. An architect needs to verify that your balcony will be able to carry the extra weight and, of course, the construction work needs to conform to the collective ownership guidelines. You will also need a professional to lay out the tiles if you do not have the required knowledge and tools.

Balcon avec carrelage

Concrete painting

If you do not want to place a rug, tiles or anything else on your floor, you can decide to repaint the concrete on your balcony and let the floor shine in a new style. A few paintbrushes or rollers are enough to give your balcony a new look.

Exotic wood balcony floor

For a more high-end touch, you can opt for a balcony floor covering out of exotic wood. These custom-built planks are ready for assembly and will transform your balcony into a cozy terrasse without having to get complicated construction work done. They only require a few screwdriver turns to assemble the planks and your new balcony floor is done.

Another advantage is that they are placed on top of the original balcony and water drainage happens easily and inevitably, walking barefoot on your balcony becomes more pleasant.

The exotic wood planks add a prestigious touch to your balcony


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