Working whilst tanning on your balcony

No need to explain how annoying it is to work inside when the weather is nice outside. But with the revolution around the home office in 2020 and 2021, we have a few tips to create a comfortable outside working space for the beautiful days.

To start, let’s think essentials: laptop, charger, coffee and water! To feel comfortable, you will need a spot to leave all your stuff, for example a table, a hanging shelf or a tablet holder. To freshen up the mind, you might want to add some flowers or plants, let your creative mind go.

However, you need to control for the wind, especially if you have paper documents lying around. To keep them from flying away, put a heavy object like a glass on them or use a tray or a box to cut the wind. The latter also keeps your electronic devices from overheating as it brings shadow to your working space. Do not underestimate the importance of a source of shadow because your electronic devices heat up quickly through the sun and, unlike you, they do not like the sun at all. You might also want to install a sun umbrella, an awning or even curtains as an alternative to spend your day outside.

For the more ambitious, there is always the possibility to create a DIY desk that will fit your needs perfectly! Like so, you can easily adapt it to your height and incorporate a hole to put down your glass for example.

Now nothing keeps you from enjoying the good weather whilst working.

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