6 tips to prepare your balcony for spring

After some gray months, the good weather is finally coming back. The times of staying inside and not being able to enjoy our outdoor spaces are finally over. It therefore is the right moment to start preparing your balcony in order to be able to enjoy it during summer. And to be able to do so, we need to start with a spring-cleaning of the balcony.

Plan your work, target your needs

The moment to create a plan on what you want to change has arrived. You might need to change your floors of your balcony, hide the guardrails, enhance a particular corner with custom-built furniture, add greens and flowers, hide from your neighbors’ curious eyes, install a relaxation corner or simply redecorate your balcony.

Spring cleaning

It is best to clean your balcony once a year, at the end of winter. We have published a blogpost about which products to use and why.

Maintain your outdoor wood

There are different products you can use to maintain your balcony. Consider this blogpost for tips and tricks on the maintenance of your balcony.

Repairing damages caused by ice

You most probably have one or the other object on your balcony that was left there all winter, maybe some furniture, pots, luminous objects, or gardening tools. The state of all of them needs to be checked in order to make sure there will not be any obstacles to kick-starting the warmer season. Furthermore, do not forget to verify the state of your balcony floor and walls to make sure they survived the winter.

Sowing, planting and repotting on your balcony

Plants surely make up a large part of your balcony, therefore you need to take care of them appropriately.

If you have flowers that survived the winter, you are off to a great start. In the meantime, awaiting their flourishment, you can sow flowers (to add color), or produce (to nourish yourself from home) or hang up other plants on your guardrails.

If you need advice on what to plant depending on your balcony’s orientation, this blogpost is right for you.

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