6 ideas for new floor coverings on your balcony

Do you want to transform your balcony into a cozy and pleasant space? But the floor is uneven or you just don’t like it? Even if you have worked on your decoration, your balcony will never be fully done if its floor stays rough. And yet, there are so many ways to change the floor coverin...

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Balcony in co-ownership: laws and duties

A balcony is an integral part of your home and is more often than not considered private property. In most residential buildings with balconies, however, they have to comply to a set of rules established by the property managers. This is when it gets complicated to differentiate between ri...

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Home staging: your balcony can increase the value of your home

Existing in less than 6% of real estates in France, the balcony keeps being a rare and highly prized item for buyers. After the several lockdowns that started in March 2020, many people living in cities realized the importance an outdoor space attached to your home can have. In the larger ...

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How to enjoy your balcony in winter?

Same procedure as every year: when September comes, we slowly start bringing back coats, closing the windows at night, turning the heating up… The summer evenings spent on your balcony, when the sun was still shining at 10 PM, seem far away already. Nevertheless, the arrival of the colde...

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Run-down, rough, without style: how to renovate my balcony?

The floor of your balcony is made of raw concrete, that is very much run-down. Better, it is weirdly colored or covered in visibly used tiles. The water does not drain anymore. Nothing left to do, you cannot renovate it. Yes, in most cases you will need the agreement of the owner, who need...

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My balcony, an ignored terrace

Since the Covid-19 crisis and the first phase of lockdown, especially people living in cities have discovered the benefits of a balcony. With limited travelling, home office, and not being able to go outside, most of the people living in apartments have lived in great frustration. Many peo...

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Working whilst tanning on your balcony

No need to explain how annoying it is to work inside when the weather is nice outside. But with the revolution around the home office in 2020 and 2021, we have a few tips to create a comfortable outside working space for the beautiful days. To start, let’s think essentials: laptop, charg...

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A summer kitchen for my balcony

Is there anything nicer than an outdoor kitchen that offers a nice view? First of all, it is very practical as you will not need to go back and forth between your apartment kitchen and the balcony. Simply put, it makes a lunch or dinner on the balcony much easier. On your balcony, you are ...

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